Wei Plan NO.002

感物Ugan concept《透明记忆里的家宅》完整版 




Memoryis built up pieces by pieces. Human being gets to know the world through a series of sensations,vision,voice,tactility,and distance... These memories in different dimensions construct a transparent mirror image,overlaying with the real past. It partly interprets our living scenes in old days, and passes on and extends feelings, at the same time, it helps people complete their imagination about future.


This time we dreamed up a homestead in memory. Wooden floor, as the first skin of space is applied in the installation at different dimensions and transforms into various basic and functional parts in a homestead---floor, stool, desk, stair, roof, window, enclosure, landscape step.Fictitious and realistic connection tries to evoke reminiscence of space. 





Posts and beams flexing into one    doors and windows being empty but real  spared stairs   fictitious room    


柱梁折曲一合   门窗空实  梯无用  屋犹虚  





This incompact and impracticable homestead is built to communicate with people living in the commercial boxes  in cities and towns in China at the contemporary.How many people can describe whats that symbolic and practical ancestral house like over more than 10 centuries? How real is our memory for space? How real is our memory of ourselves?



Ancestors built houses by needs, suiting to conditions and selecting materials by functions. People name the construction parts to mark, and to pass on ... Their understanding of homestead is no other than it of themselves. Wooden door opens and closes; footsteps tread on stairs; rain drops on rooftop...Sound here generates feelings in heart. The ground in courtyard reflects the sky above of four seasons and day and night . Winds from four directions pass through the hall...Time in a space gives heart emotions.

先祖们按需构建,因地制宜,因用选材,人们给构件命名,用于标记和传承……他们对家宅的了解无异于对自身的了解。木门开合,脚步敲踩楼梯,雨打屋面 ……此地有声,则心感存在。院子的地面反映着上方天空的四季与昼夜 ,厅堂间穿过四方流动的风……空间有时,则心感变化。 


We are in industrialization time, in which efficiency is the pronoun of industrialization. It seems that over hundreds of years, human society get the collective driving force for more advanced supplies. Modular production way almost makes us the productive force that is created to improve efficiency. Of course, It is difficult to judge the probable era of evolving into machine in the future,but when we are at the time that we still can feel our life with human emotions. Shouldnt we think about how important is the efficiency principle.



Black Iron: abnormal structure represents the collapse and disorder of our spirit and will. 




Plant: plant is an important medium to view changes of seasons. Through extended window frames, plants growth and withering can be seen.






Shot: the shot on the H-shape steel represents sound of water flow. The sound of when it rolls resembles it of water flow.


Light and Shadow: transparent acrylic partly let light through which is difficult to feel in a steel and concrete forest.



Acrylic and Wood Flooring: limpid memory means the wooden space that built with logs by our ancestors(it indicates dependence on trees in collective subconsciousness,wooden structure brings double safety physically and psychologically); however peoples sense to entire space image  in industrialization time is weak.Seemingly, we can adapt to new environment, but subconsciousness is accumulated through hundreds of thousand years. The dependence is hard to be replaced. So even if we cant sense the real figure, some materials in the space still can attract our attention,so wood is. 

亚克力与木地板:透明记忆是指我们先辈们用原木为原型所搭建的木空间(里面包含了集体潜意识里对树木的依赖,木结构提供了物理和心理上双重的安全感);而被迫进入到工业盒子时代的人们对整个空间的形象的感受力是微弱的,表面上我们可以适应新的环境,但潜意识是几十万年的积累,那种依赖性很难被代偿。 所以即便真实的形象我们感知不到,空间里面一些材质依然会引起我们注意,木材就是如此……


Passage: we enter a space from a different space. The first thing that comes to our mind is that how long does it take.However, Homestead in Limpid Memory installation makes getting to Ugan interesting; Its not a concept of time any more. On the way to Ugan, you can touch the flooring,sense the homestead in memory, using concept of space to make people unconscious of time.