About Wei Plan


A funding scheme, started and sponsored by the brand founder of Ugan concept, Mr Wang, 1 or 2 projects a year, open to artists, designer etc, to present the artistic and social value of art.

由感物Ugan concept品牌创始人王国华先生发起的一项资助计划,每年1-2项,对象包括艺术家、设计师等,以展现项目的艺术与社会价值为目标。

  • Wei Plan NO.003

    The space of this project was an office space of Ugan concept originally , designed by Chen Feibo .In order to preserve this space, the artist Li Ming was invited to transform it into a habitable exhibition space in the form of artistic intervention. This space is the superposition of the office state and the living state. It is the logic of the artist's creation with images and the practice of dealing with the realistic material space,to disscuss the relationship between space conversion and time experience in the process of conversion.

  • Wei Plan NO.002

    “Memory”is built up pieces by pieces. Human being gets to know the world through a series of sensations,vision,voice,tactility,and distance... These memories in different dimensions construct a transparent mirror image,overlaying with the real past. It partly interprets our living scenes in old days, and passes on and extends feelings, at the same time, it helps people complete their imagination about future.

  • Wei Plan NO.001

    The two artistic designs , ‘Shu’and ‘Time Capsule’, reveal the unique presentation and sensation of objects at the moment under time axis. People may be able to sense the time that attaches to a carrier, but can never control the changes that time brings to the carrier, no end but at the moment...