Wei Plan NO.003



The space of this project was an office space of Ugan concept  originally , designed by Chen Feibo .In order to preserve this space, the artist Li Ming was invited to transform it into a habitable exhibition space in the form of artistic intervention. This space is the superposition of the office state and the living state. It is the logic of the artist's creation with images and the practice of dealing with the realistic material space,to disscuss the relationship between space conversion and time experience in the process of conversion.



Wei Plan is a funding scheme, started and sponsored by the brand founder of Ugan concept, Mr Wang, 1 or 2 projects a year, open to artists, designer etc, to present the artistic and social value of art.In the past two years,Ugan concept have worked with Juehui Wu and A John respectively on Wei Plan 001, technique,time capsule and Wei Plan 002  Home in transparent memory.This collaboration with artist Li Ming is unplanned 003: superimposed 17520 hours.The project that we collabroate with artist Li Ming this time is Wei Plan 003 Transition:superimposed 17520 hours.

未计划是由Ugan concept感物品牌创始人王国华先生发起的一项资助计划,每年1-2项,对象包括艺术家 设计师等,以展现项目的艺术和社会价值为目标。在过去的两年里,感物已经先后与吴珏辉、蔡俊林分别合作了未计划001《术》、《时间胶囊》以及未计划002 《透明记忆里的家宅》。这次与艺术家李明的合作项目为未计划003《转场:叠加17520小时》。


1601 once was a hidden office space on the side of Qiantang River. The people in the space followed the system of commuting to and from work, and carry on production activities under the regular time rhythm. When the concept of office moved to the new space, 1601 ended the space function as an office, like a circle, back to the beginning of the space.


Transition:superimposed 17520 hours : Superposition is the placement of one thing on another, usually both obvious. When we view the image, the superposition is that before the last picture disappears, the next picture is gradually revealed, and the two pictures overlap for several seconds. Different Superposition times create different atmosphere and make people feel different emotions. Perhaps when we step into the new 1601 space, we can see the superposition of two states: 1601 in the office state and 1601 in the residential state. This is a practice of using the logic of image thinking to deal with the real material space. 


Jump out of the apartment itself, part of the "enclosure" privatized, using the balcony and entrance connectivity, so that stepping people through the sculpture gap to change the angle "look out". 


Inside the gate, "live" a soul of art. The bookcase in the living room is not a simple function. The book of fools is designed as a filler to make the whole event an art act. A fool is a state of entertainment, not a derogatory term. Sometimes we can be a simple fool.

大门内,“住”着一颗艺术的灵魂。客厅内的书柜不是简单的功能性,以“傻瓜之书”作为填充物去设计,让整个事件成为一种艺术行为。 这里傻瓜指的是一种娱乐的状态,并不是一个贬义词,有时候我们可以做一个单纯的“傻瓜”。

the Book of fools"》artistGuido Renishaw


《傻瓜之书》艺术家 圭多·雷尼绍/Guido Renishaw

Guido Renishaw, who was born in Brazil in 1984 and now lives in Augsburg, Germany. The fools of book is a nomadic project, and every time I go to a new city, I try to build a collection of books about "fools" in the local language. I believe that the pursuit of any key word in the contemporary world will eventually reach the essence of other words.

圭多·雷尼绍(Guido Renishaw)1984年生于巴西,现生活于德国奥格斯堡。《傻瓜之书》是一个游牧计划,每到一个新的城市,我都会试图在当地语言中建立起关于“傻瓜”的图书收藏,我相信,在当代世界追逐任何一个关键词最终都会抵达其他词汇的本质。 

The various combinations on the wall are displayed by different artists. The H letter lamp expresses the artist's fascination on symmetry; the crutches turned out from inside out, mango trees, beech trees, Simple Design of "Happy socks"; Two hands-off clocks inspired by his right eye problems,invisible transformation of time and space; Through the study and misunderstanding of the signboards on the streets of Shanghai, he will open the physical scaffolding under the text and try to enter the space behind the signboard of the hair salon (below the gallery) to bring the works  the wonderful passage of the hermit crab moving into another sunflower.




Artist Anders Lindberg

艺术家 安德斯·林德伯格


Anders Deborg was born in 1983 and currently works and lives in Oslo. His recent works revolve around the time lag in comet remains and scar tissue, reaching new spiritual and expressive spaces in a variety of work forms.

安德斯·林德伯格生于 1983 年,目前工作、生活在奥斯陆。他近年的创作围绕彗星遗迹与疤痕组织中的时滞问题,以多种作品形态抵达新的精神空间与表达空间。

Artist ZhuyunJiang 《Picture of prime number

艺术家 蒋竹韵质数的图景



On the other side of the living room is the living area, with a simple kitchen and dining room. Further ahead, we are about to face a crossroads, left or right? Will take us to different interesting spaces.



The cross road to the left is a master bedroom. We can see the manuscripts in the form of carbon paper and made into curtains; stone islands, helmet, water, cypress photography made of background panels; several installation stacked beds and stands; Photographs on display cabinets and comics on drawers and bedside each piece of work of art scattered in it, independently but sequentially displayed.


Curtain artist Guo Xi


     窗帘 艺术家 郭熙



Background artist ChangquanZhu

背景画 艺术家 朱昶全


Introduction:Definition of image and space can activate emotion in memory and vice versa. We always look for familiar and safe areas of our lives. The sensibility of digital space is based on absolute rationality. Based on our bodies, it doesn't have the temperature to be too cool. It's pure fresh for memory, as through the fog to see things directly. Stone Island, helmet, water, cypress trees are "identified" in photography, but the image is subtle and almost inaudible. its expression is inward, talking to itself, and all we have to do is ask questions about it. How do we come close to the truth in memory?  The light, the temperature, the smell, and even the texture of the objects that our hands touch are the same as we imagine? The process is two-way compromise. We can not return to the past but free in the moment, only to get the spirit of the body. Numbers are arranged by algorithms, and their aesthetics is based on image determination, which can be generally open or closed. Space is the body of the number, and the image is the spirit of the number.

作品简介:形象和空间的确定可以激活记忆中的情感,反之亦然。我们总在找生活中熟悉和安全的区域存身。 数字空间的感性都是建立在绝对的理性上的,基于我们的身体它没有温度过于冷静。对于记忆却是纯 粹鲜活的,如同拨开了种种迷雾直接看到的物。 石头岛,安全帽,水面,柏树在摄影中是被“确定”的物,但形象又很微妙,几乎感觉不到,它的表达是向内的,跟自己对话,而我们要做的就是对其发问。我们怎么呈现一个无比接近记忆中的真实, 光线,温度,气味,甚至手碰到的物体质感都跟我们的想象一样?其过程是双向妥的,回不到过去又游离在此刻,只能得到精神的躯壳。 数字是算法排列,其美学也是基于形象的确定,它可以是普遍开放的也可以是闭合的。空间既数字的身体,形象是数字的精灵。



< True blue production > Artist:JiChen & ZhenQiu

艺术家: 陈戟&裘臻


Introduction:Life is a booth, we get what we need. In fact, accurate and clear production, several masonry overlapping or array. "now" need a non-orthogonal quadrant reason, and this reason can not seem to be a spatial factorA sloping dream that needs to be spoken but not spoken: support me, form me, and repeatedly divide me in two. Household goods can be displayed like exhibitions, even when placed with the walls left between the space, sleeping people also become one of the works of the whole booth. 



Cartoon artist ranLu

漫画 艺术家 陆冉


Introduction:Most of the time, drawers are hidden, as everyone does not want to confide in the heart, but free time to read, interpretation. It's another way to enjoy. If you read a story, perhaps your story is better than the lines in the picture.



The cross passes to the right through a shower, with walls made of traditional Chinese ink stone. In design of trapezoid staircase, people can stand, squat. Maybe When we bathe in time, fog, foam can also become a magnificent exhibition. 


Shower artist Zhou Chen

 淋浴间 艺术 家陈轴

The forward region is like the heart of the entire space, a connected hub. The artist made some installations and images, the boating machine kept rowing but still stayed in the "sea", the video kept playing, the protagonist of the story will never jump out of the wall. Life is like a cycle, the spatial conversion of different reference objectsthe constant circulation of artist images, the design of stainless steel guardrails, the movement, the jump, and no matter how you struggle, you can't escape the "garden of the sky."



Atrium stainless steel installation, lighting device, guardrail renovation artist WenqiangLi

中庭不锈钢装置,灯光装置 护栏改 造艺术家 李文强


The other end of the heart connection is a secondary bedroom that is in the same as the master bedroom. 




In fact, the whole space also used some interesting plug-in, such as cement basin, a white porcelain bowl, an unstyled chair, ashtray.


09,01 Artist Shuzhi Mei

 09》《01》 艺术家 梅数植


Chair artist Rong jin

 椅子 艺术家 戎瑾君  

Introduction:The artist attaches his interesting soul to the play lift, giving it the stomach, intestines, and stomach. A piece of furniture can also be a life entity.





Ashtray Wen Office

 烟灰缸 稳 ffice



Bowl artist A John

 碗 艺术家 蔡俊林



These "new" invited artists are abstractly referred to as "new space material", which connects the "superimposed field" in the video clip with the past [1601], and sets the connecting time at 17520 hours (two years). All the people who enter the "turn field" will enter the soft transition time and space that are connected and blend, and experience the artistic atmosphere derived from the mixed fermentation of the existence that occurs successively in time. The audience were all participants in the time-to-digital quantization of space.















圭多·雷尼绍/Guido Renishaw ,安德斯·林德伯格 / Anders Lindberg,蒋竹韵,郭熙,稳 Office, 陈戟&裘臻,蔡俊林,陆冉, 梅数植,陈轴,李文强,戎瑾君,朱昶全。 






Project name  

Wei Plan 003 Transition:superimposed 17520 hours  

project planning 

 Ming Li 


space design  

 Feibo Chen 


Project sponsor  

Guohua Wang  


List of participating artists (regardless of rank)  

Guido Renishaw,  Anders Lindberg, Zhuyun Jiang , Xi Guo, Wen Office, Ji Chen & Qiu Zhen, A John, ran Lu , Shuzhi Mei, Zhou Chen, Wenqiang Li, Rong jin, Changquan Zhu. 


Special thanks  








The original studio






About LiMing








Born 1986, Yuan jiang, currently lives and works in Hangzhou, China.  

His recent solo presentations include: 1703, Antenna Space, Shanghai (2018); INSPIRED BY TRANSLITERATION, HDM gallery, Hang Zhou(2017), MEIWE at Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing (2015); and Mediation at Antenna Space, Shanghai (2014).  

His recent group exhibitions include: A World in a Grain of sand: Mapping Shapes and sites for Social Geometries. Sanya(2018); HUGO BOSS ASIA ART: Award for Emerging Asian Artists Rockbund Art MuseumShanghai(2017), No walk, no work, Centre d'Art Contemporain Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland (2016); Hybridizing Earth, Discussing Multitude, Busan Biennale (2016); TUTORIALS – Moving Images and A User’s guide from China, Museo Pino Pascali, Polignano, Italy (2016); WE – A Community of Chinese Contemporary Artists, chi K11 artmuseum, Shanghai, China (2016); Essential Matters at Borusan Contemporary, Istanbul (2015); Shenzhen Biennial (2014); Pandanonium at Momentum, Berlin (2014);  




部分群展包括:一沙艺世界:探索社会几何形态,三亚亚特兰蒂斯,海南,2018中国HUGO BOSS亚洲新锐艺术家大奖上海外滩美术馆,上海,2017No walk, no work,伊韦尔冬当代艺术中心,瑞士,2016混杂的世界,议论中的大多数,釜山双年展,釜山,韩国,2016“Tutorials– Moving Images and A User’s guide from China”,皮诺帕斯卡里博物馆,波利尼亚诺,意大利,2016我们 —— 一个关于中国当代艺术家的力量chi K11美术馆,上海,2016必要元素-中国移动影像Borusan 当代艺术中心,伊斯坦布尔,2015;第八届深圳雕塑双年展,深圳OCT当代艺术中心,深圳,2014