• Making a Floor in the Traditional Chinese Way

    In an era without advanced industrial machinery, ancient people used traditional wood-making methods to build wooden structures that were more durable than today's houses. With concerns and thoughts about this method, Ugan concept conducted in-depth research and documentation on “how to make a floor in the traditional Chinese way”, and presented the results of the research in a piece of work consisting of wooden floors.

  • Primordial | Exhibition of Ugan concept Wooden Shingle Installation 2023

    Ugan concept has carefully re-claimed wooden shingles from southwest China and invited Neri-Hu to interpret the re-use of the materials, therefore, Neri-Hu designed the installation“Primordial”. Here, in a new time and space, existing between tradition and modernity, Neri-Hu hopes to give new life and purpose to these wooden shingles that have witnessed a century of history, surviving the test of time, through wind and rain.

  • The Wooden Shingle of Traditional Chinese Handicrafts

    There is a traditional dwelling that uses wood as roof shingles, and these shingles are able to withstand wind, rain and snow without rotting. Ugan concept conducted in-depth research and recycled this quality material, which was facing extinction, so that it could be sustained through design and reflection.

  • 2023 Wood Materials Engraving in Traditional Chinese Handicraft Materials research achievements release

    「Wood and engraving」 is the fourth research topic of the Wood Materials Research project of traditional Chinese materials after 「Wood cutting」, 「Wood dyeing」, and 「Wood and lacquer」. The Ugan concept exclusively supports the Rong Design Library as a wood material expert and participates in the research. Deconstruct the production process of engraving from the four parts of 「Board-carving-plate-printing」 and explore the plasticity of engraving in contemporary design.

  • Reconstructed wood floor's dimension in oriental architecture

    After the release of the blue dye and large paint series flooring, the designer Mei Shuzhi was invited to design this time. After more than one year of research and development, the「Oriental architectural scale」series flooring was launched in March 2023. Based on the scale relationship of the three parts of the oriental architecture, namely, rectangular brick, Square brick and stone board, Ugan concept object reconstructs the new「floor」size and realizes the application of the oriental architectural scale in modern space.

  • Ugan concept × NEdLAW jointly launched a limited outdoor table that can be assembled

    For the first time, Ugan concept and the outdoor brand NEdLAW jointly designed outdoor furniture, extending the floor to the desktop, and launched a waterproof outdoor table that can be assembled.

  • The Lacquer of Traditional Chinese Handicrafts | Chinese Lacquer Floor

    The best way to pass on an aesthetic and craft is to make it live in the moment. Ugan concept will be the traditional handicraft material of the lacquer for contemporary translation, into the daily life, so that the lacquer, the flow of life of the tree, restore the wood floor as a tree life form.

  • The Bamboo of Traditional Chinese Handicrafts | Bamboo Floor

    “ It is better to eat without meat than to live without bamboo”,The systematic research of bamboo flooring products is an innovative use of bamboo as a sustainable material in addition to the development of wood floor of Ugan concept.

  • Indigo Dyeing of Traditional Chinese Handicrafts | Indigo Floor

    'Plants and trees know the season', indigo dyeing is a craft that follows the seasons. From planting, collecting, to blue making and dyeing, it gives tangible traces to the time according to the season and climate, and also makes every piece of indigo floor unique and full of imagination.

  • Another kind of laying order with a piece of floor in parallel space | Ugan concept image store in the west of Hangzhou city

    Echoing the “order of laying a piece of floor in a parallel space” in the Taizhou exhibition hall, which opened recently, Ugan concept image store in the west of Hangzhou city is designed and upgraded on the basis of the original design concept of “four images and six emptiness”, and new floors have been made. The paving design of the building creates different three-dimensional spaces through the dislocation in the parallel direction, presenting “another laying order of a piece of floor in the parallel space”.

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