Primordial | Exhibition of Ugan concept Wooden Shingle Installation 2023






In southwestern China, there is a unique type of dwelling which uses wood as roof tiles, called the “Waban House”. These wooden shingles are split along the radial grain of the wood. Not only is the wood grain straight and beautiful, these shingles can also effectively protect from rainwater. 





随着时代发展,这些旧建筑不断被拆除,Ugan concept感物回收了当地木瓦板,邀如恩一同探讨材料的再利用。在这个新的时间与空间中,在传统与现代的暧昧边缘上,如恩希望这些见证了百年历史、经历了时间与风雨冲刷的冷杉与红松木材,能拥有新的“生命”与意义。


Due to rapid urbanization, these old buildings have been continuously demolished. Ugan concept has carefully re-claimed these local wooden shingles and invited Neri&Hu to interpret the re-use of the materials. Here, in a new time and space, existing between tradition and modernity, Neri&Hu hopes to give new life and purpose to these wooden shingles that have witnessed a century of history, surviving the test of time, through wind and rain. 




 Installation Plan





从德国建筑师Gottfried Semper定义的“原始屋舍”的建筑形态中获得灵感,如恩将六组象征“家”的屋檐结构,错落有致地围合在一起,形成一个抽象的“村落”。


Inspired by the Primitive Hut as defined by Gottfried Semper, Neri&Hu designed six units of roof structure, which act as a metaphor for "home." When the units gather or scatter to create a sense of place, an abstract "village" is formed.







The minimal and flexible steel structure is vertically fixed under the wooden shingles, which not only showcases an additional contemporary architectural language, but also releases space below and provides free circulation for visitors.





The installation is a micro-architecture but also a macro-object, that explores the interplay of materiality, craftmanship, tectonic and architecture. It will be on show during the Festival of Design, 2023 from November 10 to December 10.









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