• Intersection with "lacquer" in parallel space

    On September 26, 2021, Ugan concept Taizhou Image store officially opened. Ugan concept and Rong Design Library, together with the Taizhou designers present, witnessed the debut of Ugan concept's first image store in Taizhou. “2021 the sharing session on Chinese lacquer research of traditional wood materials” was also held at the same time as the opening ceremony.

  • Laying order of a piece of floor in parallel space | Ugan Concept Taizhou New Space

    Based on the original “four images and six virtual” design concepts, floors of different colors and specifications were laid. In the design, in the same parallel plane, the layered sense of the space is deduced through the orderly laying order, that is, the design concept of “the laying order of a piece of floor in the parallel space”.

  • "Twenty-four solar terms on the floor" won the 2021 British D&AD Wooden Pencil Award

    From the beginning of Grain Rain in 2019 to Tomb-Sweeping Day in 2020, the sun's yellow longitude will change from 30° to 15°, and the Grain Rain will turn to 24 equal parts in 2020.We spent one year recording the phenological changes in different solar terms every 15 days, and collaborated with Quinsay Design to create “Revolution Around the light - The 24 Solar Terms on the Floor”.

  • Ugan Concept's 'An-Chair' was awarded the Red Dot Award

    The floor leaves the ground, completing a transformation from flat to three-dimensional.

  • The opening of Ugan Concept Chengdu image store & The Conference Of Wood Materials Research Results Of Chinese Traditional Handicraft Materials Research

    On the evening of July 31, 2019, Ugan concept was officially settled in Chengdu. Together with nearly 400 Chengdu designers, industry elites and media friends, witnessed the birth of the first southwestern image store. The conference of ‘Wood Materials Research Results Of Chinese Traditional Handicraft Materials Research’ was also released at the same time at the opening ceremony, using the natural creation method to restart wood ‘color gene’, deducting a new material appearance.

  • Office Space of Ugan Concept : Me and My Experience of Forest-Quality

    As a wooden floor brand, Ugan Concept has met a designing aporia with huge amounts of wood available: how to construct “a space of wood quality” instead of “a wooden” space, making “the quality of wood” a state and an atmosphere rather than “a material” and “functions of the material”? It’s like being in the forest, we would not concern about trees in a materialized way; instead, we will have self-perception aroused by the integrity generalized by the surroundings in which trees grow: the sense of smells, the touch of winds, the spots of lights, the distance of sounds and so on. The perception won’t come from anywhere else. We may call it “the experience of forest-quality”.

  • Artist li Ming and designer Chen feibo have a "dialogue" on space conversion

    The space of this project was an office space of Ugan concept originally , designed by Chen Feibo .In order to preserve this space, the artist Li Ming was invited to transform it into a habitable exhibition space in the form of artistic intervention. This space is the superposition of the office state and the living state. It is the logic of the artist's creation with images and the practice of dealing with the realistic material space,to disscuss the relationship between space conversion and time experience in the process of conversion.

  • Rong Design Library Research Program on Wood Materials of Traditional Chinese Handicraft Materials

    In the long river of Chinese traditional culture, wood has the charm of everlasting prosperity.The wood cotains too many people's feelings. The affinity and the sense of security given to the Chinese is irreplaceable.Tree turning into wood, it is an instinctive continuation.in the most primitive aesthetic thinking instinct, it is the continuation of nature, and it is the living ecology.

  • Japanese artist kenji Hirasawa :uses the principle of thermal sensing to record the temperature of life that the naked eye cannot perceive

    Kenji Hirasawa (b. 1982, Tokyo), Japanese photographer based in London, graduated from Faculty of Environment and Information Studies of Tokyo Keio University in 2006. Having been living in London since 2008, Hirasawa has collaborated with SHOWstudio and received his MA degree of Fine Art Photography from Royal College of Art in 2016. He has exhibited widely throughout Tokyo and London. In 2011, Hirasawa held his solo exhibition “CELEBRITY” in KK Outlet, a creative studio based in East London. A photography book in the same name was released by Bemojake, UK. The book won the Photobook Award of International Photobook Festival in 2011 and was shortlisted in Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards in the year followed.

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