Ugan concept × NEdLAW jointly launched a limited outdoor table that can be assembled


Camping has become the most common outdoor activity connecting people and nature. For the first time, Ugan concept and the outdoor brand NEdLAW created by Mei Shuzhi jointly designed outdoor furniture, extending the floor to the desktop, and launched a waterproof outdoor table that can be assembled.




From a floor to an outdoor table


As a brand of floor furniture, Ugan concept tried to extend the floor to the outside and become a medium for connecting people and nature, so on the basis of the floor, the graphic designer Mei Shuzhi designed it into a furniture product suitable for outdoor use - Ugan concept and NEdLAW limited co-branded outdoor table.




As an outdoor furniture, it must withstand the test of nature, so the raw materials of Japanese outdoor flooring are used in the selection of materials, which have natural wood texture and have sunscreen and waterproof effects, and can better cope with extreme weather such as outdoor wind, frost, rain and snow.

Multiple combination and assembly methods


The outdoor table retains the original notch design of the floor, like the assembly of the floor at another latitude, making the table have different combinations. When camping, if everyone has this outdoor table, it can be spliced together and shared without bringing a large table.

“I had two table boards in my house; one for solitude, two for friendship.”


Of course, in addition to this, outdoor tables also need to have some basic outdoor functions. The knot design beside the table can be used to hang articles and also as decorative decorations.



The table is 80cm long from the floor, with small holes designed around it, and is equipped with 38explore snow bowl hanging rod, spider stove bracket and other hardware accessories, which can be used to place stoves, outdoor lights, storage, etc.

 38explore Snow Bowl Pendant

 38explore spider furnace bracket

 Outdoor lamp bracket



When considering the table legs, the designer designed special screws with Japanese imported Ballistics folding table legs that are used by many outdoor tables. As long as the table board is replaced, it is equivalent to having the experience of multiple outdoor tables. At the same time, a special packaging bag is also designed for convenient storage and carrying.

 Ballistics table leg

Various outdoor lifestyle


When camping becomes a new social and lifestyle, it can be in nature, such as lake, forest, grassland, etc., and it can also be in home, such as yard, terrace and even indoor space.

久居城市的人们更加渴望自然,露营便是向自然探索的一种生活方式。感物 × NEdLAW 联名限量户外桌是感物一次从室内向室外的尝试,表达生活方式的多种可能性。

People living in cities for a long time are more eager for nature. Camping is a way of life to explore nature. Ugan concept × NEdLAW co-branded limited outdoor table is an attempt to express the possibilities of life style from indoor to outdoor.

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