Ugan Concept's 'An-Chair' was awarded the Red Dot Award



Ugan concept感物“鞍-椅”获得2021德国红点产品设计大奖(Red Dot Award: Product Design 2021)。


Ugan Concept's 'An-Chair' was awarded the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2021.


“An-Chair” is inspired by traditional patchwork craft and natural dyeing.




Using traditional patchwork craft, the rope was connected to the planks and sew them into a three-dimensional whole, to create a chair with soft armrests and a high back. So that the floor leaves the ground, completing a transformation from flat to three-dimensional. 




Using mulberry, cochineal, dioscorea cirrhossa, slabblue, minerals, gardenia furit and other natural materials as raw material. Each oak wood board is dyed by plants, biological dyeing, and mineral dyeing. Three traditional Chinese dyeing methods give the wood planks natural Colours eventually form ‘An-chair’ with different natural colours.





The history of the German Red Dot Product Design Award can be traced back to 1955. It is recognized as a symbol of international creativity and design, and aims to award the best product design of the year. Whether aesthetically appealing, functional, smart or innovative, the products that have won this award have outstanding design quality.


家具品牌  |  Ugan concept感物

家具名称  |  鞍-椅

主创设计  |  张雷(中国) /  Jovana Zhang(塞尔维亚) /  Christoph John(德国)

产品规格  |  98*75*75cm

树种类别  |  欧洲橡木

生产工艺  |  缝制、自然染色发布时间  |  2020年11月