Another kind of laying order with a piece of floor in parallel space | Ugan concept image store in the west of Hangzhou city




Echoing the “order of laying a piece of floor in a parallel space”in the Taizhou exhibition hall, which opened recently, Ugan concept image store in the west of Hangzhou city is designed and upgraded on the basis of the original design concept of “four images and six emptiness”, and new floors have been made. The paving design of the building creates different three-dimensional spaces through the dislocation in the parallel direction, presenting "another laying order of a piece of floor in the parallel space".  






The floor of the exhibition hall is paved with a large-size floor, and the tea table, negotiation table, ground landscape and falling water device are selected in different colors.The floor of the series and specifications, from the top view, clearly presents the space area of the "one" font. 





Inside, you can see the floor installation inlaid on the ground, the negotiation table that connects with the floor installation and rises and turns, and the continuous tea table floor. The three are interconnected and integrated, and the heights and lows are staggered to form different functional areas, and they echo with the suspended falling water device formed by the three floors. The rhythm of the floor moving, lifting and connecting in the space realizes the different rising patterns of the floor. Parallel to latitude.




The suspended falling water device composed of three parallel floors is placed between the column and the square column. The use of the column weakened its sense of obstruction in the space, assisted the expression of "parallel floor laying order", and became a part of the installation design.






Based on the results of the "Natural Dyeing of Wood Materials in the Research of Traditional Chinese Handicraft Materials", Rong Design Library and Ugan concept  combined natural dyeing with natural wood, and explored the application of "blue dyeing", a traditional oriental technique to wood materials. The possibility of the above is transformed into a "blue dyed floor", and a "blue dyed floor installation area" is created in the Ugan concept space in the west of city.




In the "Blue Dyeing Floor Installation Area", the column and the blue dyed floor inlaid on the ground are combined to form a square and circle, plane and three-dimensional echo. The small application of blue dyed floor also creates a subtle collision with the overall atmosphere, becoming the crowning point of the space, and at the same time, it is also a deduction of "parallel floor laying order". Ugan concept tried to ask a question with this design: how can a characteristic floor with a distinctive design feel participate in the design of the space?






The display windows on the exterior wall of the exhibition hall are transparent inside and outside. Between the display of the visual image posters of the Ugan concept brand and the light boxes, three large-size floors lie in the middle, forming multiple visual levels.




The display windows are laid with gravel and rocks of different sizes in the form of "dry mountains and rivers", creating a symbolic landscape of the oriental "indoor garden".





In the negotiating area at the corner of the window landscape, various furnishings build a comfortable artistic atmosphere here. The soft floor-to-ceiling sofa is in close contact with the floor, and the gallery-style single chair on the side enhances the design of the space. The height of the home in the negotiation area is closer to the ground, and people get closer to the space and the floor.




The architect A john designed a unique branded installation home in order to coordinate with the exhibition space. This "coffee table combination" is based on the concept of "one drawer floor". The side table, coffee table, and seat are organically combined. The main body is made up of multiple layers of floors. The seat is drawn out from the coffee table as if pulling out a layer. Full of drawers on the floor. This is also a kind of expression echoing of "parallel floor order". 





Breaking through the single method of laying the floor in the space, the upgraded  exhibition hall in the west of Hanzhou city takes the form of patchwork, leaving the floor off the soles of the feet, creating an orderly laying of the floor in the parallel space. At the same time, it also breaks the functional design of the traditional store space, constructs different senses and interactive details, and extends a rich and diverse dynamic experience in the space.  


   Photo & Video  |  Vincent Kuan