Li Ming Exhibition: 1703 | The extension of artist‘s inspiration in floor respect




Li Ming,the Chinese modern artist,his work Rendering the Mind acquired “Hugo boss the Asian new prominent artists prize ” in 2017.The creation of image perception is the identification of Li Ming. His exquisite and sensitive observation let him use interesting image,voice,and object as material to create time nodes which is different from original by video clipping,so that it become the brand new video which can interact with audience to review the relationship between space and person.


李明,中国当代艺术家,作品《心渲染间》在2017年获得了“HUGO BOSS 亚洲新锐艺术家大奖2017”。影像感知创作是李明的一项标识,细腻敏感的观察力使他常利用身边有趣的图像,声音,人,事物作为作品素材,再通过视频剪辑成打乱原有的时间节点,形成全新的影音与观众互动,重新探讨空间与人的关系。


The newest individual exhibition “1703” sets up in Antenna Space gallery Shanghai.The exhibition includes five creations about he living in 1703 studio.






时长:12'20 ",年份:2018 

Channel,3 aisle Hd video 

Duration: 12'20 ",year:2018 



时长:28'58 ",年份:2018

Feedback,,5 aisle Hd video

Duration: 28'58 ",year:2018


《烟士披里纯》,第三章,波长 单通道高清录像,

时长:18'58 ",年份:2018

Inspiration by transliteration,single aisle Hd video

Duration: 18'58 ",year:2018




Main Body,single aisle Hd video

Duration: 65'48",year:2018




Record,voice picture and the package of materials

Duration: 32'21",year:2018



The production that expose before people’s eyes exactly record the thought and experience when artists share mind with others,so that it can let audience comprehend art itself maximum.So in every exhibition that constitute closely by production and space, the artist’s unceasing grope of space environment is the formal representation that is the most suitable with production.




UganConcept interview Li Ming about the floor selecting of “1703”exhibition.





Inspiration:“From decoration of house to Floor covering installation of gallery,floor is the extension of 'yanshipilichun' Inspiration ,it only produced from my dream in the beginning ,but it became the exhibition’s part to foil production.






The feeling of formation process is extremely subtle.In the beginning, the most people will conceive space effect that they need in brain.They select floor according to “color”that they confirm previously and feelings that is similar with dream.When Li Ming touched floor itself in UganConcept DERLOOK exhibition hall, he confirmed paving materials,surrounded by materials.the feeling of touch,and space effect that formed in people’s brain.





Exhibition stand:“ Not all exhibition stands possess obvious sense of ceremony.So i prefer to treat floor as exhibition stand,rather than the improvement of  space’s soft outfit.Appropriate space arrangement will let exhibition possess more integrality,”





We were along with circuity that LI Ming has arranged,and enjoy exhibition in his Delicate arrangement.




We found that Li Ming only laid floor in the space that present production to carve up the whole space cleverly,so that production can provide audience with accident emotion to let different works that express different purport have more distinct thought.





Path: “You can catch the sight of aisle,fairway,so that floor is the 'path' that I design.





The part of image takes effect in guidance and hint before audience come to production.audience will find the temperament of production is entirely different from now,when production use different floor that have various quality,materials and color.This is the refraction of floor “path”.





The staff of gallery represent:production discussed the relationship of two dimensionality  between people and space.artist Li Ming selected space vessel which he think is most suitable in language and visual angle of his own production.




We will see the combination of art and floor in this course.we will acquire the new visual angle of floor in artists’ eyes,when we inspect the relationship between them as the time goes by.floor don’t become art,and art don’t change itself.but we can see both of them inter infiltrate,and they become the space production that don’t belong to either party.






This brand new production let Uganconcept  floor possess more various level expression.