Japanese artist kenji Hirasawa :uses the principle of thermal sensing to record the temperature of life that the naked eye cannot perceive


Ugan concept 感物 2018 × Kenji Hirasawa



Kenji, a Japanese artist, filmed a group of works of art called "Nature Temperature Life", using thermal induction photography to record the surface texture of different animals and extend the artistic conception of mountain, land and sea. Through the work we seem to see the signals of nature, temperature, and life when the shutter is pressed.




Here's an exclusive interview with kenji







Why did you use animals in your shootings for Ugan Concept? Did you find anything in common between them?


K: Nature,temperature and life are the greatest feelings what Ugan concept bring to  me when I share with them . I chose animals as a subject to explore our esthetics. In the process of understanding Ugan concept, new ideas and concepts constantly put forward. Wood has annual rings and the knots. And the animals have the skin texture and fur. They all carry signs of life and let us feel the warmth of life.






The name of this series is very interesting. Can you introduce to us about the works?


K:I named the series “Nature·Temperature·Life”. Human and other creatures are all living in these spaces. I made analysis and dissection again and again on them. The image of mountain came from camel,the land came from elephant, and  the ocean came from buffalo. I deliberately enlarged certain parts of them in my presentation of the relation between life forms and  the natural features, combining them with images created by the thermographic camera. The “Nature · Temperature ·Life” in the images are influenced and connected with each other, forming people’s basic living space. At that moment, I realized that all the life forms are adhered to nature and nature itself is an existence with powerful life. 


Work display

△骆驼代表山峰(A camel stands for a mountain)

大象代表陆地(Elephants represent land)

水牛代表海洋(Buffalo represents the ocean)

艺术的感知凭借直觉,从Kenji Hirasawa作品上看不到死气沉沉的平面感。作品中的每一颗细小像素都在记录着生命体的特定温度,随着每一帧作品的呈现,引发人们对摄影对象的无数互动:猜想,趣味,分析,不安分感,概念......如同感物对空间与地板关系的隐喻——他们都在以看似静态的形式试图与生命产生互动,人们可以从作品直接明确到“生命”的信息,而不是感知生命概念。


Artistic perception depends on intuition, from Kenji Hirasawa works can not see the plane feeling of stillness. Every tiny pixel in the work records the specific temperature of the living body, and with the presentation of each frame of work, there are countless interactions between the subjects of photography: conjecture, interest, analysis, restlessness, concepts. Like sensational metaphors of the relationship between space and floor-they are trying to interact with life in a seemingly static way, people can make sense of the message from work to "life" instead of perceiving the concept of life.