Kenji Hirasawa

Photography Artist

(b. 1982, Tokyo) is a Japanese photographer based in Tokyo and London.
He graduated from the Faculty of Environmental Information, Keio University, Tokyo in 2006. Hirasawa has lived in London since 2008, where he worked with the SHOWstudio and studied MA Fine Art Photography at the Royal College of Art, whilst actively participating in a number of group exhibitions in Tokyo and London. In 2011 He opened a solo exhibition ‘Celebrity’ with KK Outlet and released a photobook of the same tile from Bemojake, which won the International Photobook Award and was shortlisted in Paris Photo-Aperture PhotoBook Award in the following year. In 2013 he opened his first touring solo show in Japan: ‘Portraits’ at B Gallery in Tokyo. This year, Hirasawa collaborated with ISSEY MIYAKE MEN where the series Psyche was adopted for the Autumn/Winter 2016 collection.
Representative Works:CELEBRITY

Kenji Hirasawa 于2006年毕业东京庆应义大学环境信息学院。自2008年以来一直生活在伦敦与SHOWstudio合作,并在皇家艺术学院学习艺术摄影,同时积极参加东京和伦敦举办的团体展览。2011年,他与KK Outlet一起合作举办个展“Celebrity”,同期出版作品集在英国独立出版社Bemojake发行。该相册获得了国际奖项,并于次年入围巴黎Photo-Aperture PhotoBook。;2013年,他在东京的B Gallery完成了个人展:“肖像画”;2016年, Kenji Hirasawa与ISSEY MIYAKE MEN秋冬系列新品发布进行介于商业与艺术之间跨越性合作。



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